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Welcome to Lock-Block Ontario, the trusted name in interlocking retaining wall block systems and traffic barriers since 2013. Serving heavy construction, contractors, and residential markets across Ontario from our three locations, we’re proud of our trademarked and engineered designs that ensure confidence on any job site.

Comprehensive Block Services in Ontario

At Lock-Block Ontario, we are proud to serve clients throughout Ontario with our innovative and reliable products. Whether you’re a heavy-duty construction company or a residential homeowner, we have the block solution for you.

Homeowner-Friendly Blocks

Residential Blocks & Walls in Toronto

Our Mini-Blocks or landscape blocks are perfect for residential or small-scale industrial work, offering a cost-effective and decorative solution for landscaping projects.

Robust Wall Solutions

Heavy Civil & Contractor Blocks in Toronto

Our heavy civil blocks and contractor blocks are trusted for their strength and versatility in various applications, such as culvert wing walls, shoring/erosion protection, and grade retention.

Blocks For Any Use

Our Products

From standard to Rod-Lock systems, our product range encompasses a variety of block types, including Half Blocks, Transition Blocks, Traffic Barriers, and more.

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Ready to find the perfect block solution for your project? Contact Lock-Block Ontario today. Our team is eager to guide you through our extensive product range and help you make the best choice for your needs. Whether you’re tackling a major construction job or a small landscaping project, count on us to deliver superior products with unmatched reliability. Contact us now to kickstart your project.